Cookies policy



Preliminary remarks

Like many websites, SYNETICS uses cookies and similar technologies to collect additional website usage data and to operate its services.

More precisely, in order to provide a personalized experience (content, advertisements), to offer social media features and to analyze the performance of the Website, SYNETICS uses Cookies and processes data relating to navigation on the Website, generated by these Cookies:

  • the use of the Website ;
  • the User's IP address in order to determine the city of connection. This data is immediately anonymized after location and is not communicated to SYNETICS.

Thus, when consulting the Website, information relating to the navigation of the User's terminal equipment such as computer, smartphone, digital reader, video game console connected to the Internet, etc. (hereinafter collectively or individually referred to as the “Device”) may be recorded in "Cookies" files installed on the Device, in accordance with the choices that the User has expressed and that he may modify at any time.


This Cookies Policy also tells what your rights are in relation to the personal data the User gives to SYNETICS. If the User has any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact our company to the contact data mentioned within our Legal notice.

During the User’s first visit to the Website, a banner informs the User of the presence of these Cookies and invites the User to indicate its choice. Cookies are deposited only if the User accepts them by continuing its use of the Website. In addition, the User:

  • can manage the use of each of these Cookies at any time by clicking on the link in the Website's menu;
  • has the possibility to block, modify the shelf life, or delete these Cookies.

With respect to Cookies other than those strictly necessary (outlined below), their registration is linked to the consent of the User (Internet user) for the Cookies.

There are different types of Cookies:

  • Session Cookies that disappear as soon as the User leaves the Website;
  • permanent Cookies that remain on the Device until their lifetime expires or until the User deletes them using the functions of his Internet browser.

Only the issuer of a Cookie can read or modify the information contained therein.

The User is informed that:

  • during its visits to the Website, Cookies may be installed on its Device;
  • when it consents to the installation of Cookies, a Consent Cookie is installed;
  • if it refuses the use of these Cookies and other cookies, he may deactivate them by following the instructions below under the heading "Disabling Cookies";
  • by setting its browser to refuse Cookies, certain features, pages and areas of the Website will not be accessible, for which SYNETICS cannot be held responsible;
  • when it objects to the installation or use of a Cookie, a refusal Cookie is installed on its Device. If it deletes this refusal Cookie, it will no longer be possible for it to identify itself as having refused the use of Cookies.



A Cookie is defined as a small computer file, a tracker, deposited and read for example when visiting a website, reading an e-mail, installing or using software or a mobile application, regardless of the type of Device used. The term “cookie” includes for instance: HTTP cookies, flash cookies, the result of the fingerprinting calculation in the case of fingerprinting (calculation of a sole identifier of the machine based on elements of its configuration for tracing purposes, web bugs or beacons), any other identifier generated by a software or operating system, for example.

A Cookie:

  • containing a set of data that can be saved in the storage space of its Devine when consulting an online service using its navigation software;
  • sent by the Website or third party websites it visits to the User’s browser;
  • stored on the User’s Device;
  • is then returned to the Website on each visit or to another website that recognizes such cookies;
  • helps the Website remember information about the User’s visit, which can make it easier to visit the Website again and the Website more useful to the User.
  • is not considered as a spyware or a virus;
  • cannot erase or read information from the Device. Nevertheless, the deposit and registration of Cookies may indirectly allow the User to be identified, since they make it possible to detect the pages visited by a User on a website and to memorize the User's profile

Cookies make it possible to store, during the period of retention of the Cookie concerned, status information when a browser accesses the various pages of a website or when this browser returns to the Website at a later date.

A Cookie file allows:

  • to its sender: to identify the Device in which it is registered, during the period of validity or registration of the Cookie ;
  • to the Internet browser: to send information back to the Website of origin (e.g.: a session identifier, choice of language, date).



Type of Cookies Purposes Shelf life

Strictly necessary

These Cookies are essential to allow the User to navigate on the Website and use its features.

The information collected by these Cookies is related to the operation of the Website, for example, the scripting language of the Website and the security tokens that ensure the security of the areas of the Website.

These Cookies help make the Website usable by enabling basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the Website. Thus, the Website cannot function properly without these Cookies.

13 months



These cookies collect anonymous information about the use of the Website.

When the User browses the Website, the deposit and reading of Cookies allows us to analyze the User’s browsing and to measure the Website's audience.

Examples: the pages that the User uses most; the reception of error messages; how the User arrived at the Website.

The information collected by these Cookies is used solely in order to :

  • improve the use of the Website by the User, to analyze the frequentation and use of the Website;
  • measure and analyze the frequentation of our Website to improve its ergonomics;
  • establish volumetry and statistics on the use of the Website, the various sections consulted and the elements used.
  • produce statistics on :
    • the average time spent on a page of the Website ;
    • the number of pages viewed;
    • the number of times the User has already seen this page;
    • the most viewed services;
  • know how the Website is used (for example: the pages of the Website most often consulted).

These Cookies make it possible to establish statistics and volumes of frequentation and use of the various elements making up the Website (sections and content visited, paths), helping us to improve the interest and ergonomics of SYNETICS’ services.

This information is not intended to identify the User.

Sometimes, these Cookies are placed by third party providers of web traffic analysis services, such as Google Analytics (details outlined below).

13 months

Social networks

These Cookies allow the User to share his or her activity on the Website with social network companies such as Facebook and Instagram.

SYNETICS has no control over these Cookies.

To find out how their Cookies work, please consult the privacy policies of these companies.

No Social network cookies on the Website currently


Cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the Website

As part of the operation of the Website, the User is informed that SYNETICS sets up, directly or indirectly, the Cookies listed within the present Cookies Policy. Indeed, some of SYNETICS’ services may not function properly if the User disables cookies. When the User’s browser or Device allows it, SYNETICS uses both session cookies and persistent cookies to:

  • better understand how the User interacts with SYNETICS’ services;
  • monitor aggregate usage patterns;
  • personalize otherwise operate SYNETICS’ services such as by providing account security, personalizing the content SYNETICS shows the User including ads;
  • remember the User’s language preferences.

For Cookies that do not collect personal data:

SYNETICS informs the User that they will be saved directly on the User’s Device in order to facilitate its navigation on the Website.

For the other Cookies necessary for the operation of the Website and collecting the User’s personal data:

Before they are saved on the User’s Device, they are subject to the User’s prior consent, under the conditions listed in "Cookie Management".

SYNETICS reminds the User these technical Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. If the User refuses them, browsing on the Website may be disrupted, or even impossible, and may not take place in optimal conditions of use.


Performance Cookies to measure the audience on the Website: ANALYTIC COOKIES

Cookie name Purposes Shelf life


13 months


Cookie Name Partner Purpose Shelf life








1 day

The data can be used to create or improve the User’s experience, systems and software.

The data collected via Google Analytics Cookies is transmitted and stored by Google Inc. The Google Analytics service makes it possible to count visitors and identify how they use the Website. These Cookies are deposited and read on the User's Device and as soon as the user accesses a website using the "Google Analytics" service.

Further information can be obtained on the Google Analytics service via:




The User can also manage the Cookies used on the Website by setting up his Internet browser, as detailed below. Thus, upon arrival on the Website, an information banner indicates that SYNETICS is using such a technology and gives the User the choice to accept them.

Consent to the deposit of the Website's Cookies

The deposit of Cookies is subject to the express will of the User, which the User may express and modify at any time, through the choices offered by its browser software. The deposit and reading of Cookies will not be carried out if the User:

  • goes to the Website (home page or directly to another page of the Website) and does not continue browsing or,
  • clicks on the link in the banner allowing him to set Cookies and refuses the deposit of Cookies;

General Consent to the deposit of Cookies

At any time, the User may refuse the deposit of Cookies by configuring the Internet browser used.

SYNETICS points out to the User that the fact of uninstalling a Cookie or opposing the installation of Cookies on the User’s Device may modify its browsing experience and prevent the User from benefiting from certain services of the Website.


The use of Cookies may be limited to the duration of the User's browsing on the Website with automatic deletion when the User leaves the Website (Session Cookies) or may be retained for a set period of time after the User has visited the Website (Persistent Cookies). This period may be extended by its new visits.

In any event, the shelf life of Cookies may not exceed thirteen (13) months.


The User has several options for deleting Cookies.

Most browsers are set by default and accept the installation of Cookies. The User may:

  • choose to accept all Cookies, or to reject them systematically, or to choose which Cookies the User accepts depending on the sender ;
  • set its browser to accept or reject Cookies on a case-by-case basis prior to their installation;
  • regularly delete Cookies from the Device via the Internet browser. Don't forget to set up all the browsers of the User’s different Devices.

Internet browser configuration

For the management of Cookies and the User’s choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of its browser, which will tell the User how to change its cookie preferences. For instance (links available at the date of publication of this Cookie policy):

In case of using different Devices, the User is invited to make sure it sets up the corresponding browser according to the User’s preferences.

If the systematic deactivation of Cookies on the User’s Internet browser prevents it from using certain services or functionalities provided by SYNETICS, this malfunction shall under no circumstances constitute damage giving rise to a claim for compensation.

If the User would like more information on the tools used to control Cookies, SYNETICS invites to consult the website of the French Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) by clicking on the following link: